Best MasterClass Online Cooking Classes: Gordon Ramsay, Wolfgang Puck

Students will be able to practice their skills through internships at different food service organizations or health departments. Program participation requires an internship which gives students real-world experience. Our Private Chefs have run everything from pasta making to sushi preparation.

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For handy access, the full list of tools will also be included in each class workbook alongside pictures and specifications.All of the tools you may need are accessible in every country from local or online pastry shops. We’re incredibly lucky to feature some of the top professional chefs making waves in the pastry industry. Our classes are full of complex information and techniques, which is a great way to challenge yourself and gain new skills to achieve outstanding results. YesChef classes take you on a global culinary journey to discover, access, and learn from the world’s most influential chefs. YesChef classes combine rich, cinematic storytelling with immersive, hands-on learning experiences to deliver an experience that is equally inspirational and educational.


The resulting broth is like liquid gold, and yes the name suggests, I use it in everything. If you want to travel the world and discover the tastiest cuisines you can actually make at home, YesChef is for you. Give your margarita a Jamie twist by using strawberry jam and fragrant fresh herbs. This refreshing cocktail goes well with a round of pizzas and a group of friends.

  • He explains different cuts of beef, pork, poultry, and lamb and what they are used for as well as how to wet- and dry- age.
  • When you choose to study culinary arts in the Boston area you open doors to some of the best ingredients in the nation.
  • Jamie guides you through the nuances of achieving an intensely flavored homemade pesto.
  • If you do not have the equipment we are on hand to discuss and advise you on alternatives.
  • Still, if you’re interested in learning how to make authentic Mexican dishes, including tortillas, this course is worth your time and money.
  • It also encouraged me to make salsa verde for the first time, which was easy and delicious.

Learn how to make classic shallow-fried chicken with Edward’s Korean-inspired gochujang sauce, and a side of tangy and bright Asian pear slaw. Get the best tips for achieving crispy chicken skin Chef Lessons and juicy interiors. Master the art of shallow-frying chicken with Edward’s easy-to-follow recipe. Gain the culinary knowledge, techniques and secrets of the world’s most meaningful chefs.

Turn your pastry to success.Just like they did.

I absolutely loved the flavors of the huevos rancheros recipe Gabriela Cámara shares in her Mexican Cooking MasterClass. It also encouraged me to make salsa verde for the first time, which was easy and delicious. In this four-hour course, Bottura covers his modern twist on classic Italian dishes, incorporating causes that are important to him such as reducing food waste.

Chef Lessons

Asma teaches how to infuse saffron, blend masalas, build flavor profiles, and she even reveals her secret tips on making the ultimate homemade garam masala. Asma teaches how to make India’s favorite street food, Bengali-style samosas (known as singara), that are stuffed with an aloo gobi filling of cauliflower, potatoes, peanuts, and seasonings like ginger and turmeric. Travel the world from home to discover the stories of each chef, their food, and their home country.

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Share your love through food, with hundreds of dishes and flavors from around the world. Receive over 400 hours of professional cooking instruction with demonstrations, hands-on practice and field trips at Boston University’s Culinary Arts Program. The story began from the same mindset as the culture that prevails in our company today. It was the vision of Young Chefs Academy’s Founder & CEO, Julie Burleson, to share her passion for teaching children the joy and value of cooking to children & teens across the globe. From its humble beginnings as a successfully run single store unit to a worldwide franchise business venture, Young Chefs Academy continually strives to provide the best possible experience to the communities we serve and beyond. These modules are based around the successful Chef Academy courses that have been used for over a decade to train hundreds of chefs at our training facilities in central London.

If purchasing more than 1 ticket, please make sure to change the quantity at the top of the list of classes seen below. If you’ve ever wondered how to make the mouth-watering treats available at your favorite pastry shops, “French Pastry Fundamentals” with Dominique Ansel is a good place to start. Bottura talks about a “Broth of Everything,” a vegetarian broth he makes using vegetable scraps. Once it was full, I dehydrated it overnight in the oven at 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The next morning, I put all of the dehydrated, aromatic scraps in a stockpot along with some herbs and simmered it for six hours.